My father passed away on his birthday, July 3, 1985 at the age of 64.  As a kid I never asked my father about his time in the Army during WW II and he never talked about it.  Like most kids who grew up in the 60’s and early 70’s I was to busy to pay much attention to my father.  It was only after his passing that I became fascinated with the time he spent in the Army.  I started on the internet and obtained his discharge paperwork, then contacted Robert Augustin, C Troop and the man who put on the 107th reunions in Cincinnati.  I eventually attended 6 reunions and got to know many of the 107th vets.  Early on I decided to start a Web Page, at first because many in my family had no idea what he did in WW II and many of my nieces and nephews were born after he passed. I thought they may be interested in this history.  Well it was not long before I had a web site, over 800 pictures of the 107th during WW II, China plates, cups, glasses, ash trays all bearing the 107th logo and a large collections of WW II memorabilia.  I was sent by 107th Vets, letters they wrote home, newspaper articles, reunion agendas, personal booklets about the history of C Troop during WW II and much more.  I have had many of the pictures I have collected published in books both in the USA and Germany. As I got older I realized my web site was not keeping up with technology and luckily my son had gone to school for Web site design and he has now transformed the site into one that is currently with technology.  I have also started a Facebook page for the 107th and try to up date in once a month. Many of my fondest memories where talking to WW II vets.   Sadly all of my WW II 107th contacts have passed on to Fiddlers Green. I am constantly looking for my 107th memorabilia on the internet and eBay.   I was able to hire a researcher who gave me a Squadron  roster as of August 1945 and pay records from December 1943.  Many of the records have been destroyed in a fire in the 70’s.  I will start to share more information from my archives over the next months.

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