107th Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Uniforms

Below you will find descriptions of the various types of uniforms worn by men of the 107th from 1940 to the June 1945. These are actual pictures sent to me by 107th vets. This give you an idea of how varied the uniforms were from pre-war during the Horse Cavalry through the change to mechanized cavalry and the end of the war.

Example 1 – Trooper Robert Ailes wearing a set of HBTs, canvas leggins, M1 helmet with net, goggles, 10 pocket cartridge belt and service shoes.
Example 2 – Trooper Edward Capodarco wearing the kahki summer uniform with the M41 (Parsons) jacket and servies shoes.
Example 3 – Three Troopers wearing the wool pants, wool shirt, tie, service shoes and the newly issues M43 jacket.
Example 4 – Trooper Justin Hefele wearing an early cavalry uniform, M1917 helmet, riding boots with spurs, gas mask bag, wool shirt and wool riding breeches, black tie and 10 pocket ammo belt.
Example 5 – Trooper Robert Augustin with his horse wearing the summer khaki uniform, riding breeches, tie, M1911 service hat with yellow cords.
Example 6 – Trooper Edward Capodarco wearing the standard wool uniform, leggings, service shoes, M1936 pistol belt, colt 45 pistol, 2 pocket magazine holder.
Example 7 – Trooper Edward Capodarco wearing service shoes, 4 pocket tunic with colar brass, wool pants and shirt with tie, Sam Brown belt and garrison hat in OD wool serge.
Example 8 – F Company troopers in Germany wearing a mix of Army clothing. Three troopers wear wool shirts and pants, M1936 pistol belt with first aid pouch, M 1 helmets. One trooper wears HBTs and all 4 troopers wear the two buckle combat boots.