107th Mechanized Cavalry Honorary Trooper

Robert J. Augustin

Born in Marion County Indianapolis, Indiana April 17, 1922. Parents Robert A and Ellen Augustin (Zorn). Due to a death in the family Bob moved to Cincinnati to live with an Aunt until he joined the service.

Bob joined the 107th Cavalry, an Ohio National Guard Unit on 31st of July 1940 and was inducted into Federal Service on the 5th of March 1941. The 107th was sent to Camp Forrest, Tennessee for training. He remained there until the 17th of December 1941 when the 107th shipped out to Fort Ord, California arriving on Christmas Day 1941.

The 107th became mechanized in June 1942 when all of the horses where given to the Coast Guard. Over the next two years the 107th patrolled the California coast from Santa Rosa into Northern California as part of the Western Defense Command. The 107th then was moved to Camp Hood Texas for more training in preparation for deployment to the ETO. It was during that time that Bob married Else on the 15th of November 1944 in Dallas. Else lived in Waco about 6 weeks until returning to Cincinnati, as we were getting ready to start our journey to Europe. We arrived at Camp Shanks, New York in late December 1944 and then boarded the SS Brazil on the 1st of January 1945. Quartered on what was the promenade deck. The bunks were stacked 4 high about 2 feet between them, tight quarters. We had to eat standing up as there were no chairs, I never missed a meal. 15 days later we disembarked at night at La Harve, France and we were transported by truck to Camp Lucky Strike, a tent camp at Cany Barville, France.

The 107th participated in three campaigns. Norther France, Central Europe and Rhinelander for which we were awarded the EAME theater ribbon with 3 bronze stars. The length of time the 107th was in the ETO was 7 months and 19 days. Bob started as a private 1st Class with a stripe. He then went to Pioneer and Demolition school and became Corporal, 2 strips. He was then sent to Intelligence school and was promoted to Sgt. While in Europe he was promoted to First Sergeant in preparation for the 107th deployment to the Pacific theater. While in route to the Pacific the Japs surrendered and Bob arrived at Camp Atterbuty, Indiana on the 15th of October 1945 and was honorably discharged with 4 years and 7 months of active service. He and Else lived in Cincinnati and they were the heart and soul of the 107th Reunions. They both have passed on to Fiddlers Green. God Bless.