107th Mechanized Cavalry Trooper of the Month

Staff Sgt. Justin Hefele

Staff Sgt. Justin HefeleMy Trooper for the Month of April is Staff Sgt. Justin Hefele. Justin joined K Troop of the 107th in 1939 while still in high school. Just prior to going to Camp Forest Tenn, K Troop became C Troop. After Perl Harbor, the 107th was shipped to the West coast. Initally scheduled to be shipped to the Pacific, they were assigned to the Western Defense Command and patrolled the West coast and lost their horses in 1942 and became a mechanized reconnaissance unit. In late 1944 they were transferred to Camp Hood Texas for training and to eventually be shipped to the ETO. While in Germany Justin was awarded a Bronze medal for his actions of 26 April 1945 in Krumbach, Germany (the citation is attached).